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It’s about ranking for keywords that drive qualified leads through your website and grow your business.

At Designs Goals, we build technically sound and innovative SEO strategies that elevate your brand to dominate organic search results for the most relevant and profitable terms.

For you, that means more visibility and qualified leads at the lowest possible cost.

My way of workingas an SEO freelancer

As a freelance SEO expert, I work with the latest technologies and web applications. Iam also available to you as a WordPress SEO freelancer.

Flexible contracts

As an SEO freelancer, I offer you contracts specifically tailored to your budget and wishes.

Personal contact person

I am available as a contact person at any time. Also in person and on site.

Regular reports

You will receive regular reports from me (2 – 4 monthly).

" The team at Designs Goals has helped us consistently maintain top placements for our core keywords in an ever-changing competitive landscape. "

Farida – Ebrahim

Marketing Director, Motivation Right



We analyse your target market’s buyer journey and audit your top competitors. Our software allows us to see which keywords your competitors are using to generate the most business, which we can transfer to your strategy.


The neater your code, the better search engines understand your website. We fix any technical issues as part of our SEO package (or as a separate audit). This includes a comprehensive 20+ point technical SEO checklist which leaves no stone unturned.


Whether you have one or a thousand products, services or locations we ensure your website’s structure and on-page content is optimised to thrive within all search engines. The last thing we want is two pages trying to rank for the same keyword.


Using our relationships with industry and national publications, we are able to get your company mentioned and linked to across the web. This is the key ingredient to skyrocketing your SEO results – and is at the core of our offering.


Company reviews are the first thing a buyer looks at when choosing a product or service. Our review generation strategies build your company enough social proof to secure the sale.


Whether the customer submits a form on your website or calls your company, our conversion tracking software monitors the ROI of your SEO campaign. This information is then broken down and placed in easy-to-read monthly reports.

Long-term optimizations from SEO freelancer

Are you looking for an expert to optimize your website for search engines? As an experienced SEO freelancer, I offer customized optimization services. Whether it’s improving your meta tags, optimizing image sizes or adjusting the internal link structure – I’m at your side.

My services include not only resolving issues highlighted by analytics tools or your current agency, but also implementing new strategies for better online visibility.

I offer flexible billing models. I guarantee transparency and accuracy of billing, without any additional hidden costs.


EGP 6999
  • Correction of the page structure
  • Bug fixes in the source code
  • Optimization of loading times
  • Optimization of meta data
  • On & Off-page optimizations
  • Backlink DoFollow

Save money & time

Our SEO starts at a low price to meet any budget. And as quickly as possible, depending on the size of your project

Money back guarantee*

We promise to get you the best SEO for a completely customized business website you'll love, or we'll give you your money back.

My talents as an SEO freelancer :

EGP 6999
  • Correction of the page structure
  • Bug fixes in the source code
  • Optimization of loading times
  • Optimization of meta data
  • On & Off-page optimizations
  • Backlink DoFollow

This is what distinguishes me from other freelancers in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) in Egypt

Through my network, I can not only provide you with successful SEO support, but also all other marketing related services.

I also use my experience to provide all software plugins, such as front-end development for WordPress and data analysis. With my data-driven approach, you don’t just work with me based on gut feeling, but instead from SEO data, which I prepare and make readily accessible to you as an SEO freelancer.

Why an SEO freelancer and not one?Hire an agency?

The key difference between a search engine optimization consultant and an agency can be varied. Some advantages of being an SEO freelancer are as follows:

As an SEO freelancer, I am highly motivated to optimize your website with the best possible success. For me, search engine optimization is not just a job, but a passion.

My offers asSEO Freelancer

Google MyBusiness optimizations

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Outreach campaigns and backlink building

Creation and maintenance of SEO texts

Support or complete construction of the website

Content campaigns with detailed keyword research

Local SEO, specifically tailored to dentists, tradesmen and other local service providers


Nowadays, remote work has become a popular model. However, working on site has many advantages: you can get to know each other personally and get a better view of the structure and business model. As an SEO freelancer in Egypt, I offer you the desire to work with you on the site. Hybrid models have recently emerged as the best business model.

We sure do! A website without tracking is like having a watch that doesn’t tell the time.

Of course, it depends on the size of the order. If necessary, other experts are used or the matter is sent to a trusted agency. We will be happy to advise you on this matter free of charge.

I really enjoy working with WordPress and would love to optimize your website, which is built on WordPress. You are welcome to tell me about your project in an initial kickoff meeting and I will take care of everything else!