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Someone said once, “Wake up and Smell the Coffee.” Well he was not mistaken. Coffee is an uplifter of universal mood. The holy nectar that is helping everyone around the world get through the blues on Monday. But did you know any very fascinating details about coffee?

• An Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi found that every time his goats munch on coffee berries they were euphoric and decided to try some of the berries themselves- this is how the original coffee cup was born.
• Most coffee is grown in Brazil, with 40 per cent of the world’s coffee grown.
• Finland is considered the world ‘s coffee king in terms of coffee consumption, followed by Norway, Iceland, Denmark and the Netherlands among the top five respectively.

And while we’re talking about coffee, one thing that certainly comes to mind of any coffee lover is ‘Starbucks’ — one of the finest coffee in the world.

Starbucks is a multinational coffee giant established in 1971 as a small coffee bean retailer. Headquartered in Seattle, the company is now the largest coffee house chain in the world, consisting of about 20,891 stores in 62 countries.

The Starbucks logo and its packaging have a distinctive design that captures onlookers’ interest and attention without fail. As we all know, the face of an organisation is a logo (designed by a skilled designer or logo generator). This iconic icon is one of the most commonly known company logo designs that coffee lovers from around the globe adore. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Starbucks’ innovative concept of logo design has contributed enormously to the success of the brand worldwide.

The new Starbucks logo is a much simpler version of its old logos as it has completely omitted the accompanying text and the double outer circles. Now the new logo is a flexible icon that looks good on t-shirt designs, posters , brochures, websites and many other promotional items.

Here we bring you up close and personal with the Starbucks logo concept, history and evolution which is nothing less than magnificent.

1- Logo Starbucks-History & Roots

Starbucks was founded on 30 March 1971 by three partners in Seattle , Washington. The three partners – Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker and others. The trio named Pequod after a whaling ship in American classic, Moby-Dick, by Herman Melville. But the name was a strange one and the trio changed the company’s name to Starbuck, chief mate on the Pequod after a series of debates.

The original Starbucks logo was the image of a siren, or “twin-tailed mermaid.” It is Greek legend that sirens tempted sailors to shipwreck off the South Pacific coast of an island, also often referred to as Starbuck Island5. The logo was used by the original owners of Starbucks to attract coffee lovers from around the world, from both offline outlets and online websites.

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The original Starbucks logo has undergone several modifications since its creation. The logo concept saw drastic changes in howard Schultz ‘s takeover of the corporation in 1987. The original name was later changed to Starbucks Coffee , Tea, and Spice. It was Schultz who got a bit of cleaning up the otherwise complicated Starbucks logo and added a more streamlined, polished look and feel to this logo design. The Starbucks logo still maintains its initial ‘Mermaid’ symbol, despite all the drastic changes made to the design.

With rapid growth in Starbucks’ popularity the logo has grown over time. The logo has since become one of the most recognisable symbols in the globe.

2- Logo Starbucks-Evolution

One of the key reasons people quickly recognise the Starbucks logo is its distinctive design and clever use of plain, calming colours. The present version of the logo is circular in form and beautifully features a green and white colour scheme picture of a siren.

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Here is how the concept of the Starbucks logo developed over the years.

1971 – The first-ever Starbucks logo produced in 1971 featured the topless ‘Siren’ with its clearly visible double fishtail and navel. The logo design consisted of a circular ring in a coffee brown colour palette, surrounding the mythical two-tail mermaid figure.

In 1987 the second version of the Starbucks logo was created. This logo featured a picture of flowing hair combined with bare bodied mermaid or siren. The logo style, however, had the mermaid ‘s naval visible. The company name was displayed within the circle in wordmark, with two stars on both sides. In addition, the green palate of colour was introduced to reflect Starbucks’ growth, freshness, uniqueness and prosperity, which Howard Schultz acquired.

1992 – Starbucks ‘s third iteration of the logo design developed into a sleek design with a close-up view of the mermaid. The navel was gone out of existence and only the fishtail was visible. With 2 stars on either side, the logo featured green and white colour palette with company name listed in wordmark within the circle.

In 2011 the Starbucks logo was further redesigned to mark the company’s 40th anniversary. The revised, streamlined logo design featured the green-colored expanded version of the siren. The wordmark and the stars went missing from the logo. The design wasn’t well received by fans and admirers and the design experts had to face harsh criticism.

3- Starbucks logo-Part of design

The iconic concept of the Starbucks logo is the brainchild of Terry Heckler who pored over old marine books until he came up with a logo based on an ancient Norse woodcut from the 16th century: a two-tailed mermaid.

The famous Starbucks logo concept is one of the most recognisable emblems in the world, and has received numerous design awards for its innovative style and detailed details. The logo has recently undergone a drastic redesign to mark the coffee shop giant’s 40th anniversary in 2011. Starbucks in-house design team and Lippincott were responsible for the redesign.

Here’s a bit of a smattering about the Starbucks logo design elements.

Form: The form of the Starbucks logo is circular. The logo also features the wordmark brand name inside the circles and two stars on both sides. The current logo style includes an expanded siren without stars and wordmark.

Colour: The iconic Starbucks logo features deep green and white colours. The two tails are white in colour, while green forms the backdrop of the design of the logo.

Fonts: Starbucks’ preceding logo design edition featured a plain but bold font. However there are no wordmarks or stars in the current logo style.

Bottom line

This Starbucks logo ‘s history, evolution and design shows how its originality and beauty helped it stand the test of time and emerge as one of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Brand should concentrate on giving individuality when designing a logo. It helps develop brand awareness.