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It’s not easy to find the right WordPress theme; it can be downright overwhelming for many beginners. Not just how your site looks, but how your visitors view your online presence as a whole, is influenced by your theme.

There’s a lot more to remember on top of just looking and working properly. Your theme affects the rankings of your user interface, security, and search engine. It also needs to be easily adjustable on the back end and user-friendly, so any time you need to move a widget, you’re not pulling your hair out. And there’s a possibility of some serious theme FOMO, with thousands of free and premium options.

Here’s a tip to make your quest a little easier: if a theme doesn’t fit on mobile screens or looks good, throw it aside. Odds are, about half of the web traffic is from mobile devices. If this huge user base is not catered to by your website, saying you’re losing out would be an understatement.

Do your mobile users a favour by selecting for your site a mobile-friendly theme. Through doing so, you’ll make sure that on a cell phone, your site looks just as beautiful as it does on a screen. I’ll share 14 WordPress themes in this post that run extremely well on mobile devices.

But first, what do you look for in such a theme?

What Makes Mobile-Friendly a Theme?

Mobile-friendly WordPress themes function as well on desktop browsers as they do on mobile devices. For better mobile functionality, there are two factors that are significant.

Second, it is open to mobile-friendly themes. This ensures that the page layout and presentation are changed to better fit the screen width. As perfect examples of responsive design, many modern websites represent. Visit a favourite of yours, shrink your browser window, and see what’s going to happen.

In WordPress, it will not be cut simply by showing the same site layout on any screen size. For smartphones and tablets, a quality theme should change the sizes and location of your page elements automatically.

Second, themes that are mobile-friendly are lightweight. Your web server needs to create the website and deliver the content to the visitor ‘s browser whenever someone loads a website from your WordPress site. The fewer additional code and excess features in your theme are used, the less work your server has to do to send the page, and the quicker it can load your site.

For mobile viewing, lightweight WordPress websites are particularly important, as mobile devices lack the processing capacity of desktop devices. This can cause content-heavy pages to lag on mobile, with a speed-optimized theme preventing this issue.

Nearly every WordPress premium theme (as well as many free ones) will claim to have one of these features or both. Even then, not all mobile themes are built in the same way. So, let ‘s explore some of the best choices out there today without further ado.

Best WordPress Mobile-Friendly Themes

  1. Avada
  2. Divi
  3. Uncode
  4. uDesign
  5. Astra
  6. Spacious
  7. Neve
  8. Enfold
  9. JustBlue
  10. Hestia
  11. Sitka
  12. H-Code
  13. WooShop
  14. Profile Theme

One of the best WordPress themes out there, period, is Avada. For their desktop and mobile websites, hundreds of thousands of beginners, experts, organisations, firms, advertisers, and creative people use Avada. With daily updates to ensure your website stays visually optimised and high-performing at all times, Avada is mobile-friendly and 100 percent responsive across all platforms.

If you’re on the market without the need to code for simple or advanced customization options, try Avada. Design, maintenance, and improvements are made simple by its drag-and – drop visual content editor. And you can easily preview your designs for a variety of screen sizes with the Global Styling feature.

Check out our favourite websites using the Avada theme to see this theme in motion.

Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme as well as a sensitive page creator for WordPress in one. To easily customize your module placement, fonts, and colors, you can use the Divi Builder, then move between different screen widths within the builder and see how your designs adjust.

Divi also comes with hundreds of website packs, which are pre-made, mobile-friendly templates that you can populate with your content for an entire website. There’s far less need to think about mobile optimization yourself after downloading a set.

In our complete Divi analysis, read more and check out some examples of websites designed with Divi.

3. Uncode

Another visually appealing style that is extremely sensitive to mobile devices is Uncode. This theme comes with more than 40 pre-built templates jam-packed with powerful features, each of which can be imported with a single click. The theme has been programmed by the developers to be lightweight, so your pages can load on slower devices promptly.

Uncode is compatible with many modern plugins for WordPress: WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, and, to name a few, Custom Lightboxes. The theme also has a section for the content block that allows you to create beautiful headers, footers, and replicate content sections.

4. uDesign

Another common and sensitive WordPress theme that is ideal for ecommerce sites is uDesign. Even if you have little to no coding experience, uDesign will help you create a professional business site.

Choose any of uDesign ‘s responsive page templates to make your site mobile-friendly, and your site can comply with tablet , smartphone, and desktop screens. In order to ensure your site can rank higher in organic search results, this responsiveness is combined with two mobile menu choices and SEO optimization.

Astra is one of today’s best free WordPress themes, and more than a million active users will agree. Dozens of features and mobile-ready starter templates are filled with the Astra theme. Importing one can help you launch a responsive site at reduced cost in minimal time.

Astra offers many ways to adapt to your mobile WordPress website. You can adjust the device-based typography size, add breakpoints (widths that cause site layout changes), and adjust the header for mobile devices. You’re on your way to making sure your site works on every screen when combined with this theme ‘s renowned loading rates, lightweight build, and compatibility with top page builders.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, Spacious is a minimal, sensitive theme used today by over 70,000 websites. It includes four different page layout options, four blog display options, advanced typography options, and a starting point for more than 15 template websites. For search engines and load speed as well, the theme files are optimised.

Neve is another of ThemeIsle ‘s common free themes. As a result, you will enjoy beautifully responsive pages, mobile headers, and Accelerated Mobile Pages support, all improving the mobile browsing experience. This theme was designed with mobile as a priority.

There are also several demos for various website niches in the free edition of the Neve theme, all of which are mobile-friendly and compatible with the most popular WordPress page builders. Finally, Neve, as it integrates well with WooCommerce, is ecommerce-ready.

8. Enfold

Enfold, one of the most common themes on the ThemeForest marketplace, helps to dramatically minimise friction when designing the desktop and mobile websites. Thanks to its native designer, in-depth documentation, and narrated tutorials to assist users, Enfold emphasises its ease-of-use in the building process. Enfold also comes with hundreds of pre-built responsive website templates that you

Another quality-free alternative for WordPress bloggers is the JustBlue theme. It is sensitive, speed and SEO-optimized, and allows for comprehensive control over the look and feel of your site, from your theme options screen, all customization can be controlled. The related posts widget is also of interest, introducing visitors to more of your content and helping to grow your readership.

“Hestia is a simple but contemporary one-page WordPress theme. Its sleek and minimal approach makes it a great choice for modern online companies and start-ups who want to emphasise navigational ease. And, of course, all of its one-page layouts are sensitive to mobile screens. You can easily build and launch your website with these layouts, no need to start from scratch. 

11. Sitka

Sitka is a recent and worthy addition to the blogging theme space, showcasing its wide variety of customization options, templates, one-click demo imports, mobile-friendly font options, and easily configurable featured area designs. This choice will add a lot of value to beginners and experienced bloggers.

All Sitka templates are sensitive and the theme is modified regularly to fix any mobile compatibility issues.

12. H-Code

Try H-Code for a more feature-rich theme choice for your mobile site. This theme is filled with options for customization to create a beautiful desktop and mobile website. And, you’ll probably find a pre-built design you want out-of-the-box with over 50 responsive homepage templates and 20 responsive one-page demonstrations.

Up to this point, we’ve covered some WooCommerce-compatible themes, but the WooShop theme specialises in WooCommerce-powered online stores. The theme allows your homepage and product pages to be extensively personalised, and any update you make can be adapted to mobile screens.

WooShop also provides a library of retina font icons to help users navigate on smaller screens while saving space, plus all Google mobile-friendly fonts are also included.

Try Profile Theme, the premium mobile-friendly choice from Organic Themes, if you need a theme for your online portfolio, resume, professional profile, or some other personal site.

The Profile Theme includes all the main features that you would expect from any theme, all aimed at showcasing your best virtual self. With a handful of theme templates, a slideshow feature and social media integrations, it’s open, retina-optimized, and customizable.

It’s important today that your WordPress platform is responsive and ready for mobile devices. The correct mobile-friendly theme will save you hours of work trying to fit several screen dimensions into each tab. To ensure that visitors have a consistently positive experience , regardless of how they choose to browse, consider any of these themes.

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