10 Technical Developments in Website Design For 2020

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Are there any web designers who are not fascinated with the new trends in website design? This is the passion that drives our design process and it ensures we are creating a high-quality website with the integration of the technology needed. We also want our customers to get the most amazing and the best when it comes to their sites and we are all so mad that we think so early about the design and development trends of next year.

2020 seems to be delivering amazing moments. With the latest developments that are now available in the mainstream, such as machine learning, augmented reality and voice user intervention. Surely we would expect to see easy, clean designs to reach this tech age.

Here are 10 website design trends for 2020

  1. Clean Layouts

This year we have seen developers and designers create clean and clear websites for improved user experience, for both mobile and desktop users. The websites with large images are very sluggish and typically frustrate smartphone users. Besides the amount of smartphone searches, this trend is expected to continue in the coming year and is rising year after year.

It won’t be unfair to say that the immersive graphics, virtual reality, chatbots and so much more can be used in a professional website design in 2020! It’s not necessary for websites to be shiny, or to have distracting graphics when we have a new fancy interface to engage the public.

  1. Typography

Despite the website designs expected to be clean and simple, you can expect designers to use their creative brains to unleash new typographies. Websites that have text-based content are able to communicate the critical points to our audience quickly, and this works great for the mobile user too.

It’s expected you’ll see a lot of bold headers and text links replacing the buttons in the coming year.

  1. Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things also known as IoT is on the trend these days, and it will certainly not disappear in the near future. Web of Things uses web technology to connect different devices to the internet. Using IoT for example in smart light bulbs. Many companies have already begun using such things as Philips Hue and then there are apps that track your lost keys.

Many websites are set to use IoT in 2020. One of the IoT interfaces you would expect is that they will allow you to interact with their smart devices. When we talk about smarter websites this means that the backend is going to be more complex. But if a professional web developer works on that website, it will connect you and try to create a user-friendly interface for you.

  1. Virtual Reality Video

Video content on the internet is on the rise exponentially this year. Nearly every website has a video intro and its aim was to see the faces behind the services and the product we are using in everyday working. Then there’s also an exponential increase in the software and services used to quickly build images.

Websites can be expected to potentially carry videos to a new stage in 2020, to something like science fictions that we used to see a few years ago. Websites with 360 modelling, 360 video (which is already here), interactive images, and video mapping are supposed to see you.

While these videos can seem time-consuming and expensive to you, there are applications that are there to create virtual reality videos and make them more available to you.

  1. Subtle Animations

Software has now come very far and browsers are now better than ever at handling animations. Animations used to be very flashy and noisy earlier, but 2020 appears to be the year of simplicity, it will bring a period of subtle and fascinating animation. You may expect to see some kind of animated logos and animations caused by scrolls.

Subtle animation enables websites to view more content, it is one of the best examples of work powered by typography.

  1. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, And Chatbots

Our contact with bots is on the rise as the years pass by. It’s very likely that when you contact the phone service provider, you’ve already talked to one. In the beginning, these bots had trouble solving the problems, but with time, thanks to the continuous development in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, they became much smarter.

That is one of the reasons Facebook knows us well about this. Facebook knows what we’re looking for, and asks users to get tagged. It is also able to use location info, and knows what we like reading. It also knows the advertising, content, and events we like to see.

We should expect technology to make a range of wonderful changes in the coming years which will make our lives simpler. Day by day it is getting better. It is not long before online connectivity becomes seamless. Isn’t it interesting that a website can exist that knows exactly what the customer wants by simply analysing their past contact with the company?

With this growth, even customer service would be quicker, as it will make it much more effective. You need to keep an eye on that.

  1. Voice User Interface

Often known as Natural Language Processing, Voice User Interface refers, in simple words, to the human contact with the computer in the form of an expression. Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant are some of the common examples of the voice user interface. This was developed back in the 1950s, when the Audrey method was being developed. This machine is capable of identifying digits from speech, so well … we have really come very far. Voice User Interface is capable of functioning and recognising even complex voice commands. These interfaces function well when combined with the machine learning, as they anticipate what you need before you even complete your orders.

A lot of websites are supposed to have their own voice user interface or even integrate with those already on the market. As even voice search seems to be on the rise, one important thing to bear in mind is that the content of your website should be conversational, because people usually communicate differently when using these voice commands.

For example , a person looking for the nearest fruit store might type in the Google search as “fruit shop Raleigh,” but would ask the voice search bots like Siri, “Where’s the nearest fruit shop?

  1. Seamless Interactions

Seamless Communication is one of the website design patterns with the most consistent for 2020. This is because when businesses adopt voice user interface and chatbots, they allow their potential customers to communicate with the website without waiting for the page to reload.

Micro-interactions will now be another design feature that can be applied to your website to facilitate communication. For example, by scrolling over starts, you can encourage the user to leave a review instead of asking them to write about it or fill out a form.

  1. Security

It’s very normal these days that there is a tale of a major data breach, malicious hacking or malware attack whenever we read the news. Cybersecurity is one of the important things we need to bear in mind and when it comes to web creation and design it takes our centre stage.

Google has also taken several steps to alert certain dangerous websites of possible risks to users.

When you come up with a list of brilliant ideas for developing websites, think about the security of the details about your client. You should make sure all the pages are approved and modified to ensure your protection. Only when they trust you can people connect with your website, share their information and download your content.

  1. No Risk No Reward

If you want to create an amazing website, it means you need to use new technology and play with stuff. You’ll need to create a web site that your customers enjoy. It definitely feels risky, but you can get awesome surprises when you create a right design team and use the right resources. The future is here, right now, and it’s amazing chance to amaze your clients.

Make 2020 the year you’ve always wanted to live, and send the wind the warning. Work with new technologies and produce a beautiful product, follow the latest trends in website design and get better.

Give your customers the experience they’ve never had before, and win a customer for life.

Bottom line

We hope this article will help you appreciate what you should be doing in the coming year. If you have any questions please ask our team. There they are always to support you.