10 Best WordPress Friendly Themes for Users in 2020

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Millions of websites are operated by WordPress. Have you ever asked yourself why it is so popular?

It’s free to download to begin with and quick to get started. But its ecosystem of extensions, including WordPress themes and plugins, is what really sets WordPress apart from other content management systems. These extensions fulfil a basic need of virtually any organisation and person: to create a user-friendly website easily and quickly.

We’ll concentrate on themes in this post rather than plugins. More specifically, in a user-friendly subject, we will discuss what to look for and then explore some options that can work for your WordPress website. Let ‘s start off.

What is a fun WordPress theme for users?

For two particular categories of users: the site admin and the site tourist, a user-friendly WordPress theme is built to be intuitive. In other words, on the back end, it should be easy to instal and configure, and easy to access and use on the front end. The following features describe those themes.

If a user-friendly theme could only be specified by one thing, that would be its editing capabilities.

A built-in drag-and – drop page builder that was specifically developed for that theme has some of the most user-friendly themes. A smooth development and editing experience will be assured by this pairing.

However, if you’re already familiar with another method, it would be hard and time consuming to learn a new one. In that case, you would like a theme that is compatible with the Gutenberg block editor and Live Customizer of WordPress or another common page builder, such as Elementor.

Demo Content

Demo material and a demo importer also characterise user-friendly themes. Demo sites are websites or templates pre-designed that you can instal with a few clicks. You can use the templates as starting points and concentrate more on content design. Compared with building a site from scratch, this will save you loads of time.

Easy Navigation

A quick navigation scheme is one of the most significant characteristics of a user-friendly website.

Search boxes, pagination, breadcrumbs, and “Skip to Top” buttons are just a few ways you can make searching your website and accessing your content simple for visitors. While you can instal WordPress plugins to ease the navigation of your website, if you select a theme with the features listed above, that won’t be essential.

Social Media Integration

A theme with social media sharing buttons will make it easier for visitors to share your content and improve referral traffic on their channels. There are plenty of WordPress plugins that make it easy for you to build and customise social media buttons on your blog, but by choosing a theme with pre-built buttons or a button widget, you can prevent this extra work.

Contact Page or Form

You’ll want to have several ways they can contact you from your website in order to be open to your guests. You can have a contact form or a stand-alone contact page, in addition to links to your social media profiles. Again, there are plugins that specialise in this feature, but by selecting a theme with a predesigned contact page layout or contact form widget, you can save yourself time.

Best User Friendly WordPress Themes

Let ‘s look at some of the best WordPress user-friendly themes available in the official WordPress directory and marketplaces for third parties.

Total is a WordPress theme rich in features designed to provide anything you need with ease to create and customise a site.

Over 40 demo sites come with Total. You can import content, theme settings, widgets, and sliders from any demo site with Total ‘s integrated demo importer. Or you can pick which parts you want to import and select them! The demo importer functions in less than a minute, according to testing by the developer team.

Total comes with the WPBakery Page Builder built-in to help you customise these demo pages. Including a navigation bar, search bar, login form, MailChimp form, social links, and more, this page builder comes with over 40 modules. Total adds more than 50 custom modules to the builder, in addition to these regular modules, so you can construct truly unique web pages. That brings up to 100 the total number of design elements. You can then customise their colour, fonts, and more with the live theme customizer once you drag and drop elements on the screen.

Massive Dynamic is an excellent choice if you’re trying to build and customise a niche site without writing a single line of code.

The front-end website creator, named Jenga, comes with this multipurpose WordPress theme, which has over 70 design features, including float animation and parallax scrolling. Huge Dynamic provides over 70 demonstration sites, in addition to infinite formats, customizable grids, and drag and drop header and footer areas. You also have the option to start from scratch if none of these suit your needs. Even the most inexperienced users can build user friendly sites that are completely special with all these features.

You will see a contact page and form in the demo below, search box, simple call-to-actions, and more user-friendly feilleurs.

Divi blends strength and ease of use, making it one of the all-time top-selling WordPress themes. It comes with a front-end page builder with over 40 modules, including buttons, forms, and calls to action to follow and share social media, and over 800 demo designs, so you can quickly create and customise your website without touching a single line of code. Better still, these demos are grouped as “website sets” so that your pages can look and feel consistent.

Other features may be taken advantage of by more advanced users, such as the ability to save and reuse designs, modify several elements at once, customise global design settings, and evaluate various designs with A / B.

Hello is a clean and rapid-loading theme specifically built for Elementor. Elementor is a front-end page creator, like the Divi Creator, which comes with widgets and templates to create and customise a website without any coding. Star ratings, Google Maps, counters, alarms, and other elements can be added to educate and delight your guests. With Elementor ‘s integrated popup creator, you can create popup types. And, to easily and quickly create your WordPress website, you can choose from over 12 pre-designed template kits.

Read Divi vs. Elementor: Which Is the Better WordPress Page Builder for a closer look at the discrepancies between Divi Builder and Elementor?

While Elementor is compatible with any WordPress theme, with Hello it will function seamlessly. A look at the demo here.

Other features may be taken advantage of by more advanced users, such as the ability to save and reuse designs, modify several elements at once, customise global design settings, and evaluate various designs with A / B.

Avada is a common multi-purpose theme that comes with its own front-end drag-and – drop page builder tool, another theme comparable to Divi. In reality, it has been downloaded over 600,000 times, according to Avada’s official site, and is one of the top-selling WordPress themes of all time.

By importing one of Avada’s 70 pre-built demo websites, beginners can get their site up and running in minutes, while more experienced users can choose from over 300 pre-built pages and customise them using Avada ‘s built-in page creator.

This builder comes with more than 80 elements of design and layout, almost double the amount in the Divi Builder. Breadcrumbs, pagination, contact forms, comments, related posts, a search box and scroll to the top button are included in these elements. You can see several of these elements in the demonstration below for Architecture.

Try WooCommerce Storefront if you’re trying to create an online shop, not a website. Downloaded over four and a half million times, for first-time shop owners, WooCommerce Storefront is an excellent option.

It is closely integrated with the WooCommerce plugin and plugins as the official theme for WooCommerce pages, so you do not have to worry about incompatibility issues. You can easily create and customise your store with its sensitive layout, nestable grid framework, and built-in SEO. Using the integrated WordPress customizer or a page creator like Elementor to customise its appearance.

WooCommerce Storefront

Zelle Pro, a strong and customizable single page interface, is not only user-friendly, it is also one of the best WordPress business consulting themes.

Zelle Pro provides six child themes that you can import with a single click and start customising with the WordPress customizer instantly. That means you can modify the colour, context, blog, section order, and more, and then preview the adjustments you made in your dashboard in real time. You can use any of the top page builders in WordPress, including Elementor and Divi Creator, to further customise a child theme.

This theme also comes with a strong and sensitive mega menu that makes it easy to arrange and arrange the content of your submenu for smooth website navigation.

Zelle Pro theme

With Ultra, anyone can rapidly and easily build a responsive website. Ultra comes with the Themify Drag-and – Drop page builder, like any Themify theme. The Themify Creator also supports WooCommerce, in addition to customization features such as smart layout options, section scrolling, a built-in mega menu, animated background colours, and image philtres. That means that your store automatically matches the overall theme appearance so that your customers have a smooth e-commerce experience without raising a finger.

Ultra not only comes with the Themify creator, considered the most powerful and versatile theme developed by Themify, but it also comes with 29 demo sites that can be imported with one click. Each is intended for a specific niche and intent of business, including yoga studios, construction businesses, fitness trainers, churches, sushi bars, and more. There are 60 additional templates included with the theme if one of these demonstrations does not meet your exact specifications.

Daisy is a sensitive theme that for bloggers is ideal. Daisy offers 15 blog formats, five post sizes, various header styles, and social media icons, in addition to being 100 percent compliant with the Gutenberg editor. These characteristics have helped make it the Mojo Marketplace’s best-selling style.

After you purchase this theme, from downloading Daisy to configuring your SEO settings, you will have access to video tutorials that guide you through the process of setting up your website. This documentation makes it one of the most user-friendly blogging themes, along with Daisy ‘s basic interface and functionality.

Daisy blogging theme

You can’t beat Twenty Twenty, the official WordPress theme for 2020, if you want user friendliness. It was intended to take advantage of the Gutenberg editor’s versatility as much as possible, while only requiring users to learn a few simple settings. You’ll be able to get started once you navigate through some blocks, colour settings, and page templates.

It is suitable for both business sites and blogs, because this minimal theme was built with simplicity, consistency, and readability at its heart.

Twenty Twenty theme

Choosing Your Website User Friendly Theme

Thanks to WordPress themes, building a user friendly WordPress site is simple. With quick navigation, noting, social media sharing, and form features, you only need to choose one. These criteria are met by either of the themes above.

After you instal and configure a theme, you can use WordPress plugins to continue expanding the functionality of your site.

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